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Bespoke Coaching

Over the years, I've had the privilege of coaching hundreds of individuals, guiding them not only to reach their goals but to surpass what they thought was possible. We often set our own limitations, but once we understand and overcome these self-imposed barriers, our true potential unfolds.

If you're on a quest to become the most optimum healthiest vibrant version of self in body, mind and spirit and start to feel amazing from the inside out.

Together let us dive into the essential pillars of great health, uncover where you may fall short and we can begin to craft a personalised plan tailored just for you.


Making that simple commitment to put yourself first, prioritising taking the best care of yourself, after all your future health depends on it and your future self will thank you for it!

Would you love to enjoy a life of optimal health, abundant energy and radiant vitality?

But find yourself wrestling with low energy, fatigue, stubborn weight loss issues - despite your hard efforts!

Experiencing higher levels of  stress, anxiety and struggle to switch off, wishing you could good nights sleep so you don't feel groggy again the next day?

Your  feeling  overwhelmed, deflated and unmotivated, believing positive change is beyond reach?
Foods that heal

Why choose Holistic Yogi?

You'll see many references to Ayurveda, Yoga and holistic practices throughout these pages, for good reason. In Ayurveda we are not just our mind or our body, nothing exists in isolation. Treating any aspect of health begins by taking into account the whole of who we are  - body, mind and spirit. Many programs use the principles of taking things away (latest miracle diet or 30 day fix) they aren't sustainable, have negative impacts on both body and mind over a longer term - quite the opposite to a holistic approach. To create lasting change in our health and our lives then we must address the root causes of challenges, blocks, and the unhealthy things we do a little too often and get in our own way. This isn't always comfortable and not meant to be, I often call this getting comfortable with uncomfortable, ready and willing to face what shows up. To create change we have to become someone different otherwise nothing changes. Getting started is often the hardest, before we have created new habits and learnings but well worth it. ​The depths of our unconscious mind run deep, the very things we think we want, we get in our own way to prevent them happening.   Motivation and willpower alone are like shooting stars; they burn out. We need solid practices to overcome the inevitable challenges! Consider this: 90% of people abandon their goals and don't finish programs they have signed up for because they lack the necessary tools to navigate the journey.  Don't let your wishes and dreams fall by the wayside. Let's work together to ensure your success.

What Our Clients Say

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Athetic Woman Smiling

Jacqueline - Mind Body Transformation Online Coaching

Karen is very professional yet approachable and a superb coach, her fitness, nutrition and wellness expertise has not only helped me lose weight and increase muscle definition, I feel more energised, confident and thrilled with the results mind and body!  – I would highly recommend her!
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