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“Health is not the end goal, health is a stepping stone to allow us to become the best version of ourselves, to live out our dreams, our passions and our purpose”. 

Imagine a life where your health goals are not just met but exceeded! I am dedicated to empowering health-conscious women in their 40’s and beyond, breaking free from limitations that hold them back. 

As an advocate for a balanced lifestyle, prioritising daily wellness through attention to Sleep, Nutrition, Exercise, and Mental and Emotional Wellbeing, recognising there profound impact on health and overall wellbeing.

Weaving ancient wisdom with modern day science discovering the secrets in harmonising both body and mind.

Managing hormonal-related symptoms and creating a path toward optimum health, vitality and inner glow.

With an unstoppable mindset driven from passion and purpose so you get to live life to the fullest.

Meet Karen

200hr Certified Yoga Coach, Health, Fitness & Nutrition Specialist, Ayurvedic & Holistic Wellness Expert.

I believe true health and wellness is achieved by taking a holistic approach to the way we take care for ourselves in both body and mind.


With two decades of expertise in the Health and Fitness and Wellbeing industry and a unique blend of qualifications and time tested experience, I have taught coached and guided countless individuals, especially women in their 40s become fitter, stronger and healthier in both body and mind! Alongside achieving the body shape they desire, they experience more energy and motivation in daily life, create an unstoppable mindset and continue to pursue the life they love.


The pursuit of health should never equate to burnout, sleep deprivation, or overwhelming schedules – it should be an enriching journey.

Karen teaching yoga class online
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Ready to Transform Your Life Through the Power of Sleep?

Fix the quality of your your sleep, fix the quality of your life!

My Services

Yoga and Ayurvedic wisdom for health, healing and harmony.  A holistic and transformative journey that nourishes and enriches your body, mind and soul.

A Holistic  Nutritional approach that combines ancient knowledge and modern  science to not only look great but feel amazing too, supporting energy, motivation and vitality.

Balancing hormonal & perimenopausal symptoms such as stress, anxiety, weight gain, brain fog, body image and sleep issues.  Educating using a holistic approach creating  a more graceful transitional time of life.

Prioritising everyday wellness addressing Sleep, Nutrition, Exercise, Mental and Emotional Wellbeing as essential pillars for optimal health, life longevity and wellbeing. 

Mindset mastery  overcoming our limitations, identifying self destructive behaviours, training mind and body to new habits and behaviours, become our most greatest version of self.

The Journey Towards Health Begins on the Path of Self Discovery. Begin Your Journey Today.

Karen has shared so much knowledge with me, a true professional but so approachable, there isn't anything she doesn't know when it comes to health, wellness and yoga. 
Her knowledge of how the body and mind are connected, how we can slow down and calmly enjoy life on a daily basis, encouraging a total holistic healing approach- priceless.

Simon - Cambridge

Karen has been my coach for 7 months now and I couldn't be happier with my progress.  She is knowledgeable, experienced and employs a holistic approach to coaching.
Health and hormone balance are taken into account and overall well-being prioritised. My macros are adjusted to support muscle growth and fat loss with a big emphasis on quality of food, nutrients and timings. 
Karen is friendly, supportive and responsive I couldn't recommend her enough!

Kasia - Ely

Karen is down to earth, reliable, friendly and trustworthy, but that doesn't stop her challenging you to overcome your self imposed barriers. The way she breaks down the mind is fascinating and has great skill unpacking how it works. I always feel totally exhilarated and motivated after our sessions. Her knowledge is endless with a unique combination of health, fitness, yoga and wellness modalities.

Fiona - Cambridge

Holistic Yogi Wellness Instagram

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